Two Brothers – The Bitter End

Two Brothers - The Bitter End

Two Brothers - The Bitter End

I am still recovering from the Cane and Ebel; this does not, however, suggest for one moment that I have fallen out of love with the Two Brothers Brewery; I am somewhat annoyed with myself about not making the short trip to the brewery and enjoying the available delights – I am told that the food is as good as the beer. I would also hazard a guess that I am somewhat new to the Pale Ale variety of beers, in facts the tags sections suggests I have only tried three (this being the fourth, plus I would lump the Opat in there because the end result seems to be the same). Given the number of variations on Pale Ale I would have guessed this is an American Pale Ale, and reading the website would have saved me the anguish of guessing.

The Beer: 5.2%, 36 IBU, 13.5°; Clear amber/gold,  traces of bubbles rising; hoppy and fruity aroma; Distinctly hoppy flavour, but not too bitter – they cut it off at the right time, fruity elements, quite fresh; pleasantly bitter and fresh aftertaste

This did strike me as being a Pale Ale version of the Cane and Ebel (which is probably doing the latter and injustice). This is the kind of beer that would go down better during the spring-summer-autumn season and on tap rather than bottle; since they are available in kegs then it shouldn’t take too much to rig up something and have it sitting next to the BBQ during the summer weekends. At this moment in time I can only dream of it being summer and wish the winter would get lost. Probably should get off my backside and get on over to the Brewery.

Website: Two Brothers

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