Three Floyds – Alpha King

Three Floyds - Alpha King

Three Floyds - Alpha King

As beer labels go this is trippy, but brilliantly creative; if nothing else you are drawn to the Three Floyds beers simply on that basis (assuming you haven’t been recommended the beers in the first place). To some extent the labels remind me of the Hobgoblin beers from the UK – which I am pleased to observe are available in US. The brewery is located about an hour from Chicago and is, by all accounts, worth a drive over. One thing to note is that a lot of the beers Three Floyds produce are available in large bottles, which counters my whinge about too little of a good thing; of course the exception happens to be Alpha King which I could only find in a 350 ml bottle…

The Beer: 6% abv, 66 IBU; Light amber is colour, slightly misty in appearance (i.e. it isn’t clear), fluffy head with a slight tan hue; Hoppy, fruity aroma; Clear, citrus (more orange than anything else) taste, with a strong hop based bitterness, but certainly fresh; there is certainly a complexity to the overall taste.

This beer was certainly heading towards the hop induced bitter end of the scale, but stops short of being overly acidic/bitter so for those who, like me, are not really big fans of this style of beer can drink it and finish it, which is an absolute bonus. As with the Cane and Ebel, I appreciate what this beer has to offer and can appreciate why this is a standard bearer for the brewery, but this is not my style of beer so I would be doing it an injustice to force myself to say I like it because of what it is. It is going to be enjoyed by a lot of people, but I will be looking for other beers from Three Floyds to add to the (conceptual) beer cellar – it is a dream to have a castle with a dark cellar full of  fabulous beers 🙂

Website: Three Floyds

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