Two Brothers – Cane and Ebel

Cane & Ebel (640)

Cane & Ebel

This is a seasonal offering from the Two Brothers Brewery. I should have had more from this brewery since it is, in relative terms, just down the road and provides a place to eat as well as drink the beers on tap. It will happen, someday, but until then I will have to satisfy myself with bottles. Each batch of beer contains 30kg of Thai palm sugar – which is a sugary sap from either the Date or Palmyra palm, it doesn’t specify which. Additionally they are using a new variety of hops called Summit, which seems to have only been around (or at least available) since 2005. This is a Red Rye style beer…

The Beer: 7% abv; Dark tan in colour; has a distinctive fruity aroma, which is rather playful; the taste is almost the opposite of what you’d expect given the aroma, it is very bitter, almost acidic, but does have traces of spice; it is almost wine like its dryness and really hits the roof of the mouth; very tart in in the aftertaste.

Interesting would be an understatement. The aroma makes you think that this is going to be a mellow experience, the taste is almost washed out by the bitterness; if I would going to be unkind I would say it compares to Bitrex. This is not my kind of beer since the bitterness introduced by the hops really washes out the enjoyment and flovours – at least as far as I am concerned. I know that this beer will be enjoyed by an awful lot of people, and I also appreciate that the Two Brothers Brewery are fabulous with regards to their innovation and creation; however when it comes to this particular type I will give it a miss. Back to the Domain DuPage.

*Updated 26 Dec 2009 – After buying a case of this stuff and going through it I am revising my initial thoughts: this is actually a very good beer and my original tasting didn’t do this beer enough justice. I would put this change of direction down to simply taking to the IPA style of beer in a bigger way than I did back at the start of 2009; this change in tastes allowed me to bring out more in this beer. So conclusion and photograph have been updated. Yum!

Website: Two Bros

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