Yazoo Beers – Dos Perros

Yazoo Beers - Dos Perros

Yazoo Beers - Dos Perros

I was given this bottle by a colleague who spent Christmas in warmer climes (thanks Tom). On reading the label I immediately went to the last (and up to this point only) tasting for Vienna Lager: Klostermann. The link between the two beers is by virtue of the Austrian brewers who went to Mexico in the 19th cent (this is a part of History that I need to read up on) and took the beer style with them. Thought to be on the verge of extinction in Europe, this style was very much alive and well in Mexico. Whilst there is a revival of this style in Europe, the style has some excellent examples in North America and this version is brewed by the fabulously named Yazoo beers brewery in Nashville – think Up Stairs at Eric’s. The label states that this is a Mexican style beer; in consideration that we owe the lack of extinction of this style to Mexico, why not.

The Beer: 3.5% abv; very dark brown, small streams of bubbles rising; beautiful malty aroma with elements of darker roasting, somewhat toasted; these elements are carried through to the taste, and I was getting banana traces in there; elegantly bitter, the lack of alc. content is not noticed because the taste is rounded and doesn’t give way to signs of weakness, in other words it holds it taste; smooth, toasted, bitter combination in after taste.

Given that this is only the second example for this style it seems to be a good one to me, certainly enjoyable; from my notes is compares better to the Klostermann. Try with Mexican food. Once again I am thwarted by the availability factor in the immediate area. An enjoyable beer, its only downsides are the lack of contents (355ml), and lack of availability. When in Nashville, find this place and enjoy, question is does the tap room serve the good Mexican food to go with it.

Website: Yazoo Beers

One thought on “Yazoo Beers – Dos Perros

  1. Unfortunately not in terms of food served – the Tap Room only serves plates of nice artisanal cheeses, crackers and fruit.

    However, do purchase the beer and point the car 50 miles east to El Rey Azteca restaurant in Carthage, TN (615-735-1336). Excellent Mexican fare……

    Yazoo Brewery beers are available on tap in certain Nashville establishments and by bottle in local Nashville stores – the subject bottle was purchased at a Trader Joe’s.

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