Goose Island – Mild Winter

Goose Island - Mild Winter

Goose Island - Mild Winter

I found a load of the Mild Winter Ales in a local store; this is either a complete sense of irony or vain hope that the winter in Illinois will be mild – so far it is not and after the initial “isn’t the snow lovely to look at” feeling it is giving way for cravings toward hotter climates or back to the tropics. This is, by the looks of things, not a season regular; there are references to this back in 2006 and a distinct lack of any mention on the Goose Island website.

The Beer: 4.4% abv; boot brown in colour, slightly opaque or at least a little cloudy; has a distinct aroma of fruitiness to it that combines with elements of malt to create an interesting fusion; these are carried through to the taste that also combines bitterness, but not too harsh; it is smooth with hints of gas in there, but gives way to too much lightness in the end.

It promised much to beginning with but disappointed in the end; the complex flavours gave way to too much lightness, okay, a watery taste. It also seems pretty light, given the complexities in there – plenty of winter fruits – it gives up pretty quickly. At least my wife enjoyed it.

Website: Goose Island

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