Bell’s – Special Double Cream Stout

Special Double Cream Stout

Special Double Cream Stout

It all started with Guinness, especially when I went to University. The problem was simple, all of the other beers at the student union bar were cheaper but tasted like there was added water – as it turned out it was just the really terrible beers they served – with the exception of Guinness which was more expensive but at least had a good taste to it. So it became the beer of choice for many years until I moved to The Netherlands and discovered Belgian beer (certainly not Dutch beer). Even though a whole world of beer styles and tastes opened up before me I always had a preference for the black stuff, and I found so many other Stouts available and not just Guinness. How fabulous is that. So the limited aim, at least as far as Stouts are concerned, is to be as much of an aficionado of the style as is possible.

The beer: Special Double Cream Stout, 6.1%; Deep black in colour, lights to a very dark brown towards the base of the glass; fluffy, creamy style head that look burnt; Dark roasted aroma; Smooth, deeply dark roasted taste, roundly bitter (if there is such a thing) to the point of what you’d expect with a darker roast coffee, certainly there are coffee elements in there with additional elements of caramel; Dark roasted, bitter aftertaste

No cream; in fact I am hoping that someone who reads this can enlighten me as to why it is called a Double Cream Stout. If it is meant to be in the Milk Stout arena then I am not getting that taste – unless the sugars added to the beer are the lactose type – I just wasn’t getting that experience from it; however, the Bell’s website does suggest this is a sweeter and smoother version of their Kalamazoo stout, so this means I will have to try both side by side to get the contrast (that, at least, will be my excuse and I am sticking to it). Until that time, it remains a good beer and there’s another three waiting for me.

Website: Bell’s Brewery Inc

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