Goose Island – Honkers Ale

Honkers Ale

Honkers Ale

Today was a good day; I found a beer store that sells single beers so that you can create your own “six pack”; the practical upshot of this is that I can now go through beers faster than having to buy four or six packs at a time – especially valuable if after the first one your find the beer is a dud. What does this have to do with Honkers Ale? Nothing, I bought this a while back as part of a Goose Island mutlipack, but I did get two other beer from Goose Island (more to come later)  which is fast becoming a regional favourite of mine. So, Honkers Ale, inspired by English Ale…

The Beer: 4.3 % abv, 35 IBU; light amber/gold in colour (this is compared to my colour chart!); Solid fluffy head, hoppy aroma with fruity element thrown in for good measure; crisp, bitterness to taste, although anything else in there is a little washed away by the bitterness, faint fruity aromas; bitter aftertaste, somewhat acidic.

Good enough to appreciate but not one I will be going back to. Put it this way I am glad I tried it out and can appreciate where this is coming from. Then again my tastes are not fully aligned with English style ales, so if you do head this way with your beer taste this could be one for you; as with many of these beers it is worth trying.

Website: Goose Island

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