Black Toad – Dark Ale

Black Toad - Dark Ale

Black Toad - Dark Ale

Three additions this week! What is happening to me. Another beer from Illinois that I stumbled across whilst looking for something interesting. Nothing much to say about this to start with since there isn’t very much information around about it – I have read suggestions that it might even be brewed by Goose Island; there isn’t even a mention of the alc content. Is this even a beer…

The Beer: ??% abv; very dark brown; a sweet malted aroma; subtle bitterness combined with a roasted malt element, flat – as in there is little in the way of gas (carbonisation); mellow roasted aftertaste.

My wife suggested that this is a “woman’s beer” as in it would appeal to a woman’s palate more – well she liked more than I did, so I do not know whether this proves it, nor do I know what a “woman’s beer” actually is, so I am not even going to get into this area. Rather like a lot of the Tmavy beers in Czech Republic. After all this “unknown” was it worth it? Probably not, although my wife has now found a dark beer that she really likes, so I supposed in this respect it was a good find. And yes, it is in a lager glass, I stand somewhat ashamed to only have one glass at the moment, this will be rectified sooner rather than later 😦

Website: (Can’t find one)

One thought on “Black Toad – Dark Ale

  1. Drinking it at this moment. Well the flavor is pleasant upon the palate, it is neither bold nor long lasting. It does not coat the back of the throat with flavor. The richness does not last long. It may be a women’s dark beer, while a man wouldn’t brag to his buds that he drank the heavy flavor of Black Toad night long and lived to tell the tale. I paid 5.99 at Trader Joe’s. Black Toad is not as good as ACME Ca. PA, also available at Trader Joe’s at a higher price.

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