Bells – Amber Ale

Bell's Amber Ale

Bell's Amber Ale

There is absolutely no reason to wonder why I should have ever tried the beer from this brewer before; however, all the time I was hearing good things about this beer something in the back of my mind was trying to link the name with another beer. This brewer seems to have had an interesting past, do a Google for the brewery name any you find stories of distribution stopping in the Chicago area followed by a triumphant return; the history of the brewery is also an interesting read. So whilst sampling this beer all that was playing in the back of my mind was a number from Glen Miller.

The Beer: Amber Ale, 5.8% abv; slightly cloudy in appearance, has a strong, fluffy head; I was getting a distinct malty aroma, with traces of hops just to confuse the nose, somewhat crisp; bitter, slightly malted taste, smooth with little or no gas, some creamy elements; distinctly bitter aftertaste.

Reminds me more of some English Ales I have had in the past, but a bit more on the robust side given its higher abv. This is an enjoyable beer and given the enthusiasm that surrounds a lot of Bell’s Beers I am looking forward to trying out more, maybe I should point the car in the direction of Kalamazoo and enjoy the delights of the Eccentric Cafe. One additional item to commend them on, the Website. Design, presentation and a sensible way of entering the site (“Are you over 21?” Yes or No).

Website: Bell’s Beer

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