Wing Walker – Amber Ale

Wing Walker - Amber Ale

Wing Walker - Amber Ale

The main reason for trying this second offering from Wing Walker is that the website stated it won a medal; it doesn’t say which games the brewer was competing in, but a medal is a medal and suggests that the experience of the Lager might be isolated to just that variety of beer, let us not use the same brush to tar all the beers from the same brewer, etc. I also can’t get over the idea that so much effort has been put into the presentation that there must be some room for salvation somewhere, plus you can’t judge all the beers on the basis of a poor first try (see: Primator). This is a Märzen style beer.

The Beer: 5.7% abv; deep amber, plenty of gas (bubbles) rising up; has a malty aroma, tending towards the fruitier side, or at least with traces of fruit in there (and I don’t mean banana), lets try to stick with a general orchard fruit, sweetness aroma; plenty of maltiness to the taste, robust, edging towards being full bodied, distinctive creamy elements, in fact really creamy; has a pleasant bitterness to it, but not too much, and certainly that creaminess lingers.

You would not think, in a blind test, that the two beers came from the same brewery. This has a fabulous roundness to it, it is a pleasure to drink and once again it is a beer that has something ‘extra’ about it that makes the whole experience enjoyable. The creamy elements add an edge to it that masks the robustness of the beer – given the higher abv. Certainly a good beer to try out, at least just the once. Once again my only whine is the website is crap really needs revising (if it even loads)

Website: Wing Walker

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