Wing Walker – Lager

Wing Walker - Lager

Wing Walker - Lager

This is a strange beer in that there is not too much information on the web about it and, from what I can tell, the beer is produced by a “third party” brewery in Wisconsin – this assumes that the information these sources got are also correct. So to fill in with something (since there is very little else to start with) does this brand of beer suggest that drinking it helps you go wing walking (sorry, on with the beer, this ‘filling in’ is getting desparate)…

The Beer: 4.8% abv; has a light, hoppy aroma, a pale, golden colour with little or no gas rising; light, hoppy taste that is a little too watery, some traces of fruitiness, but all together too light; a bit too gassy (fizzy), plenty to help the digestion.

This beer does not make you want to walk on wings, or go flying in a classic aeroplane; it edges towards the lighter side of taste – I couldn’t get myself to finish it off, then again my preferences tend towards the full-bodied beer, then again my mother-in-law enjoyed this beer. The artwork on the packaging is fabulous and I can see why people are drawn to it; whilst this particular beer is not going to be on my shopping list in the near future, the Amber Ale does, since it is highly recommended by others and appears to have won a Gold Medal. Woefully little information about this beer or the brewery; would like to see their website with a little more information, a little more something, anything.

Website: Wing Walker

One thought on “Wing Walker – Lager

  1. I found it thin and a bit too apple cidery. City Brewery in LaCrosse Wisconsin is the former Heilemann brewery, and rumour has it that they are going to produce a beer made with the original Old Style recipe. Good news or bad news…you decide.

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