Goose Island – Matilda



I have been to one of the Goose Island brew-pubs in North Chicago (near Wrigley Stadium). It is as impressive as all the other brew-pubs that you find in the US; the sheer scale of the brewing is impressive enough – usually comprising of several fermentation tanks – makes you wonder why all pubs can’t be like this, you almost become a part of the brewing process, it is on your scale and right in front of you, somehow you trust that the beer is going to be good, it is a good feeling. This has nothing to do with Matilda which is a full on specialty beer inspired by Belgium; the website suggests that this is a limited run, the bottle states that it should be consumed within five years, but the taste gets better as it matures. One for the ‘cellar’ then

The Beer Goose Island – Matilda; 7%abv

Very slightly misty, amber in colour, plenty of gas rising; fabulously combination of fruit and roasted malt wafts out; the taste is a robust, full-bodied beer that has strong elements of maltiness and fruitiness, smooth but at the same time reminds you of it’s strength; pleasant  bitter aftertaste that is rich on the back of the tongue and lighter towards the front.

I am fast becoming a fan of Goose Island; they are able to produce good beers that appeal to those who want to try something different and then lure them into a world of beer that provides them with nothing but a rich enjoyment and beer drink pleasure. I will have another four pack of this sitting around for at least another few years, let us see what it is like when it has had chance to mature still further. If my news sources are correct this should also be available in the UK, as well as other Goose Island delights.

Website – Goose Island

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