Founders – Breakfast Stout

Founders - Breakfast Stout

Founders - Breakfast Stout

My wife gets credit for picking this up; the guys in the store were very impressed by her selection even telling her so; she just went for the label. Once again this is a fabulous example of creative labeling, the whole range from the Founders Brewery have got the labeling spot on (more will follow at some point). I am sure that at some point they will be forced to add “not a children’s breakfast beer”, but for now it is fabulously original. This is a “double chocolate, coffee oatmeal stout”; no mention of milk…

The Beer: 8.3% abv; the thick, black liquid is impenetrable by light and makes the head go all chocolate-brown; the aroma is coffee, some elements of oat come out, but it is mainly dark roasted coffee; the taste is also a dark roasted blend, bitter, with elements of dark chocolate swimming about; smooth with a rich roasted after taste

Just for the sheer shock of drinking this beer I like it – you are drinking beer but at the same time could be having a mouthful of iced coffee. This is not going to be for everyone, in fact I would have thought this would be either an acquired taste over a period of time, or if you are in to coffee flavoured beer then this is for you. But this beer has an element of entertainment about it, right from the label to it’s inky thick blackness and then on to it’s bitter coffeeness. Its hard to tell, at first, if this is even a stout (other than colour), but after a while you find the links to it’s style and the sharper bitterness is a good lead. It is available on tap which I would think would take some of the sharpness out of it making it that bit smoother; not a regular beer for everyone, but certainly worth a taste adventure.

Website: Founders Brewing

5 thoughts on “Founders – Breakfast Stout

  1. One of my home state’s offerings, I do enjoy this beer very much. Also available (at times) is a different version aged in bourbon barrels, called Kentucky Breakfast Stout. A little bourbon for breakfast? Mmmm!

  2. Now that would really be worth trying; some of the beers aged in Whisky barrels (the Scottish variety) are fabulous, especially in winter; this beer in Bourbon barrels…wow!

  3. I live in Grand Rapids, MI where we enjoy Founder’s wonderful nectar every Monday night for $2 pints. Ditto on the Kentucky Breakfast. Their Centennial IPA or Double is just as amazing.

  4. I just tried my first Founders beer – the Rye Ale – and thought it was pretty good. I’m really developing a liking for these stouts, so if I end up finding this one I’m definitely going to try it!

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