Rogue – Dead Guy Ale

Rogue - Dead Guy Ale

How can you pass up such a beer; the name and label itself captures the attention. One of the aspects of US beers that has caught my attention is the use of creative and colourful images on the labels; this might, at first, appear to be nothing more than branding (which I guess it is), but in a market that is seemingly awash with fabulous craft beers, the more creative the labelling the greater the chances of drawing the drinkers in, surely? Possibly, but at the very least it makes the beer more interesting from a presentation point of view; there is something intriguing about a dead guy on a beer label…

The Beer Rogue – Dead Guy Ale; 6.6% abv, 16°

Fabulous aroma combining a well roasted barley with caramel tones. Cloudy, pale golden brown (some say amber, I guess I need a colour chart), brownish head that remains solid.

Rogue - Dead Guy Ale (close up)

The taste is a full-bodies experience, the deep roasted barley and caramel elements come through in a robust taste that attacks the tastes buds with a full on assault leaving it wanting more; some bitterness that get masked by the roasted taste in that it does not take over the mouth so much; roasted, malty aftertaste.

This Maibock style beer is simply fabulous, in fact it is one of the first “highly recommended” beers I have tried in a while. The website states that there is a double-dead-guy ale available which I guess would be a “Belgian” experience. Simply a great beer and very enjoyable. (Update Aug 2010) – this is still a favourite beer even after tasting so many US beers over the last two years, so much so that I’ve re-taken the photos and reformatted the review.

Website: Rogue Brewery

3 thoughts on “Rogue – Dead Guy Ale

  1. Rogue Ales website says that this is available in… Draft, 22oz Bottle, 64oz Growler, Six Pack; the Growler is available in my local Jewel-Osco store, fabulous 🙂

  2. I really like this beer. I was lucky enough to try some on a trip to Palm Springs a couple of years ago. The name was the first draw, the the taste had me looking for more. I only found it a couple of times since in my home town of Dublin, but not often enough. Their other beers aren’t bad either, but this was my favorite. Would love to try the double! 😀

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