Dundee – Porter

Dundee - Porter

Dundee - Porter

Preamble: Being somewhat confined to the house at the moment means that the beer I can get is somewhat restricted. That said, there are still a lot of beers to explore that are certainly new to me, and I suspect new to a great number of people who only see a few brand names when they enter the store. Dundee hasn’t really impressed so far, so let’s see what the Porter has to offer, from the outset it impresses with a higher alcohol content compared to a lot of the others on offer…

The Beer: 6.5%; deep brown/black/tan in colour, very little light gets through the inkiness; a clear but subtle sweet essence wraps around a deep roasted malt aroma; the roasted malt clings to the mouth, more coffee like bitterness than beer-like; plenty of gas, seems like too much gas, the stronger alcohol content screams out and seems to take over the whole beer, which is robust but hijacked by it; roasted-bitter after taste.

Another one I failed to finish. I can see this having it’s place and it’s fans, but not for me. The problem for me is that the higher-alcohol takes over the beer too much almost as if it is hiding something. The bottle does not display the ingredients, but it does taste like it has sweeteners – if it doesn’t then it is quite a feat to be able to produce something that tastes like it has something nasty in it. Really not for me.

Website: Dundee Beer

4 thoughts on “Dundee – Porter

  1. I feel that the Dundee Porter is quite good. It is deep with lots of flavor and im sorry that is something that you cannot appreciate. I really think you should re-evaluate your review.

  2. I am glad you like it, other members of the family also like it so you are in good company; but for my tastes it doesn’t inspire me so much, this would also go for other porters (or even the Tmavy styles in Czech Rep.) that I am not overly enthused by. As with all posts, I am not trying to discourage anyone from trying a specific beer, moreover I would recommend but never discourage.

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