Samuel Adams – Honey Porter

Sam Adams - Honey Porter

Sam Adams - Honey Porter

I wonder if they would have got away with calling it something similar to “Hari Puttar“, it’s almost there; whilst the beer is approached with caution; most ‘honey’ have tended to be honey and nothing much else, or so disgustingly sweet that the teeth take a walk before finishing. I admit that this has only happened a few times, but in general honey beers have been disappointing. Added to this the style of beer is a Porter then I am not necessarily looking forward to the beer being overly sweet. But then again this is a totally new style of beer for me…

The Beer: 5.45% abv, 14°; Deep, dark molasses in colour, light fluffy head; you get a honey aroma, but you also get a darker, smoked richness in there, it is quite a delicate balance and teases the nose in a kind of playful way; you get the honey tones almost immediately, but it then gives way to a dark roasted, malty flavour that edges towards the bitterness end, but then subtly gives way; a roasted honey after taste.

I like this beer. This is actually something I could go for on a regular basis. I am sure that the tap version would be sensational (assuming the hostelry doesn’t you rinse-aid to keep the glasses toxic). Simply a very surprising and pleasant beer, one that will not please everyone’s taste buds, but for those who enjoy the darker beers it is probably worth trying; as a porter it can hold itself above a lot of other porters, the honey element is like adding Parmesan to pizza, the finishing touch that adds that missing “something”; the main thing is that the honey does not overpower, the darker roasting gets balanced quite well and comes out, almost like a nervous star comes out on stage. It does appeal to me because I tend towards the dark side (queue the heavy breathing and a dash of light-saber), hence I will naturally recommend it because it is mouth-wateringly delicious.

Website: Sam Adams

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