Two Brothers – Domaine DuPage

Two Brothers - Domaine DuPage

I am just starting to realise that the number of smaller breweries in just the state of Illinois could keep me going for a year or so; given the selection, range and variety (and the rate at which I write) it could take longer. The Two Brothers Brewing company in one such brewer; they offer four ‘regular’ beers, five seasonal ‘regulars’, plus five further artisan beers. Whenever I get a vehicle the aim will be to visit the brewery and find out more, until then my local wine shop is offering Domaine DuPage, a French Style Country Ale (whatever that means); Saison is about the only French Country style that I know of (and that is usually a good style), however, further research shows that this is a Bière de Garde style, so a new one for me.

Two Brothers – Domaine DuPage: 5.9% Abv, 16.9°, 24 IBU; A slightly dark caramel-brown in colour, visible fizz rising, but not too much; it has a caramel aroma and elements of horse stables (I hope it is my glass and not literally the French Countryside); the caramel is brought through into the taste with elements of a rich-roasting of the malt, it then gives was to a pleasant bitterness that I would not say is overly bitter for my palate; a caramel aftertaste.

I am pleased to say that the “French Countryside” was not found hiding somewhere in the taste or the glass, so it must be my nose having an off day. It really does taste good, very good in fact. There is a good balance between the bitterness and the caramel side – it isn’t sweet at all but the taste delicately balances out. One comment about the label: I am impressed, it has so much additional information and actually includes the IBU.
This is, also, the first time I have tried out the new beer glasses and the aroma does drift up very well as you take a sip; it gets channeled well and seems to enhance the flavour, I am hoping also enhances other beers. Another good beer from the US and another nail in the coffin for the bad name that US beer seems to have; plus there are another four of these in the fridge to enjoy. Salut!

Website: Two Bros Beer

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