Samuel Adams – Brown Ale

Sam Adams - Brown Ale

Sam Adams - Brown Ale

I actually have interesting memories of Brown Ale, at least what I can remember through the haze; it was one of those ‘winding down’ days at University and Newcastle Brown was cheap. It was too cheap. Since then I haven’t really had too many Brown Ales so this is something of a novelty for me. Sam Adams does a Brown Ale that, I am told, is rather faithful to the idea

The Beer: 5.35% Abv, 12° ;Murky, dark tan, that you can see through, but is somewhat dark and mysterious, rather like a peat bottomed Tarn; is has a strong but pleasant malty aroma that pleases the nose; its taste is surprising robust, it has a mashup of bitterness, maltyness and some complex elements to it, there is some roasted undertones that give way to the complex bitterness that I can’t quite get the tongue round; the aftertaste is bitter but with that roasted element to it.

Not like I remember, this is good. I am quite taken aback that at least one of the beers from the Sam Adams collection is so good; my one fear is that this is hiding chemicals that with give me a horrid hangover tomorrow, but at least from the tasting experience it is something (at least at this moment in time); it has a depth to in the form of a complexity to the taste, it has a robustness about it in that it lets you know you are drinking something that has been lovingly brewed, it actually tastes very good.

Website: Samuel Adams

One whinge about this site, it has an age check on it. This is a website about beer showing you pictures of dark liquid in a glass/bottle; you can’t drink the soddin stuff online, it is not hardcore porn likely to cause offense, and does not instruct you how to make plastic explosives from a milk bottle and a few assorted bits of wire. Why does it need an age check! The average teenager knows how to set-up your cell phone to record TV at home, surely they will figure out what year they have to put in to be over 21!. They do not do this on Czech websites, why do they have to do it at all. Rant over, thank you.

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