Dundee Beer – Honey Brown

Honey Brown

Honey Brown

Whilst wandering through the local grocery store one tends to head to the beer section (usually after going to the spirits section) to look for any beers that grab the attention. This particular visit I spied a rather lonely box of Dundee Craft Beers stuck in the middle of various lites. Containing two bottles each of six of their craft beers it seemed somewhat tempting, so I gave in. It is encouraging to think that this was the last box of 12 beers and there were so many other lite beers on offer, could this mean that people are going for the good stuff instead of the crap stuff, who knows, all I know now is that I have frdige full of beers that need tasting.

The Beer: 4.5% ABV, 10 IBU; light amber in colour with clear traces of gas rising; light hoppy aroma with a sweet, honey infusion; light to taste but with plenty of honey taste, no bitterness, not much in the way of hopiness, in fact not much else other than honey; really can’t tell if there is an after taste.

If you are in to slightly sweet, honey tasting beers then this is the one for you; otherwise there is very little on offer. I can see this appealing to some people who are maybe not used to anything other a heavy hops beer and want to try something different. It is not for me.

One thing I will say though is that the website is good and provides a useful resource for their beer styles; it has also introduced me to the IBU

Website: Dundee Beer

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