Samuel Adams – Black Lager

Sam Adams - Black Lager

The joys of moving country; no not the delight of cardboard boxes, the new and strange language or the joy of paperwork, it is the simple bane of having too much time taken up with things that prevent me from going the the (now stacked) fridge of beers I keep finding. It has been ten days since sampling the last of the Samuel Adams brewmasters collection so without further ado lets us try the Black Lager

The Beer: Deep, very dark black in colour; essence of treacle in aroma with wisps of malt combining to give a sweet scent; very smooth dark roasted taste, you get the traces of treacle in there but it is the strong, deep roasted bitterness that envelops the mouth, there are watery elements in there that do seem to take the edge of it, but after a few mouthfuls that watery element gets washed away; silky gaseous texture, burnt-bitter after taste lingers.

Totally different to any dark beer I have had before. The Tmavy style of lagers in Czech Republic can have elements of that treacle aroma, but usually the flavour matches it by being sweet; this beer has too much of the dark roasted and somewhat burnt taste to it and whilst being bitter the burnt elements do take over the mouth too much. It has the texture of a lager but that is about all you can link the two. Every now and then you get the treacle-ness in the after taste, but it seems to be overly roasted. I have another bottle in the fridge and it will certainly need a second glass to get over the experience of the first.

Website: Samuel Adams

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