Opat – Kvasnicovy Lezak

Opat - Kvasnicovy Lezak

Opat - Kvasnicovy Lezak

Having enjoyed the Opat Bitter a while back, the on-tap Lezak is certainly something I would not be passing up. I hear a lot of mixed things about Opat, and the availabilty does seem to fluctuate; one of the bigger super markets in CZ (I refuse to mention the name because I am boycotting them) does stock Opat and more often than not you can find the 8 packs – I have even seen mixed cases available. One of my ‘gripes’ about pubs in CZ is the fact that they ‘sell out’ to the bigger breweries so that they will only stcok the beers from that brewery group – I have heard stories that the general procedure is to hand over huge wadges of cash to stock only that beer for, say, five years, hence you get a lot of exclusive buy-ins. So finding Opat on-tap in Prague is a good thing and again goes to favourite PivoKlub (at time of writing it has left the menu again).

The Beer: 5%; Pale golden in colour; shallow head that goes quickly; light aroma; light, almost watery taste but at the same time refreshing, there are elements of bitterness in there but not so much as to take the insides of the mouth away, light in body; slightly bitter after taste.

Not so light as to be flavourless, but light on beer experience. If the light tasting beers are your thing then this is a pleasant enough beer (it isn’t my thing). A good friend of mine describes this type of beer as lawn-mower beer – the kind of beer you would have on a hot day after (or during) a lawn mowing session. This type of beer is refreshing enough but not my thing. My guess is that I should add a new subtitle to the blog on the lines of full-bodied beers only 🙂

Website: Pivovar Broumov

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