Zvikovska – Tmava 13°

Zvikovska Tmava 13°

Zvikovska Tmava 13°

The last (at least for now) evening out at Pivo Klub; So many new beers to try and so little time. One of the great things about Pivo Klub is the fact that they rotate the draft beers and bring in the kind of beers that you wouldn’t normally find in Prague – the world of beers comes to you, all you need is to keep coming back. I’ve not been a fan of the Tmavy style, when it is good it is enjoyable but normally I have found it to be edging towards sweet or overly sweet, but sometimes there are some cracking versions. This example is from Pivovarsky Dvur Zvikov.

The Beer: 13°; Dark molasses in colour, somewhat opaque; good strong head; Rich treacle toffee aroma; Combination of a bitterness and but with a strong toffee taste, it isn’t overly sweet with that combination of a malty bitterness but it is certainly sweet; Malty aftertaste but not clinging.

This is a really good example of Tmavy style beer; as I say, I have not been a great fan of the style on the basis of there being too wide a swing from almost sugary beer to clawing bitterness that really doesn’t go anywhere. I know that ‘sweet’ beers are not going to be everyone’s thing, this is not a sweet beer as such, more like a bitter dark beer with essence of toffee. It does seem to show that the people at the brewery enjoy making their beers, don’t ask me why I say this, it is just a feeling that the beer conveys.

Website: Pivovar Zvikov

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