Stein – Leziak Svetly

Stein - Leziak Svetly

Stein - Leziak Svetly

A light lager from Bratislava with a Germanic sounding name. Another one of the purchases from the East of Slovakia (family visit), and another new brewer. Not sure what else to write so lets get on with it…

The Beer: 5.0% abv; light gold in colour, head disappears quickly, certainly a hoppy smell with something else that I can’t quite put a name to, certainly edging towards traces of malt and roastings; Surprising taste to it, somewhat more robust than I was expecting, distinct bitterness which probably drowns out the traces of malt in there, edging towards the gassy side; somewhat nutty, bitter after taste.

Not sure where this is going. It is leaving me somewhat confused to the point of really not knowing what is happening with this beer (or have I had too many today); it has a bitter side to it which props up the taste, if it were slightly less bitter I am sure there would be more complex tastes in there. The aroma does not lead me to think that, however, so all I can conclude is that they messed about with this and got lost. Not a bad beer; Not a great one either.

Website: Stein

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