Steiger – Classic 10%

Steiger - Classic 10%

Steiger - Classic 10%

Another Slovak beer from the Steiger Brewery. This is supposed to be a Pilsner style beer (Vycapne Svetle), so I will defer to the general description. This has come all the way from the East of Slovakia from one of the smaller supermarkets that stocks rather a good selection of beers, certainly from the point of providing space for a large variety of beers I don’t get to see normally.

The Beer: 10%, 4.1%abv; Pale, gold in colour, frothy head that is quick to disappear; Light, somewhat hoppy smell that reminds me of the stale beer smell you get in pubs that have carpets (there are many in the UK); Light, gassy taste, that has a trace of hops and a slight bitterness, but not much else; the aftertaste is at least not a clinging one and someone watery.

Not a great beer but at the same time not a bad one; ok, if given the choice I would not have it again, but at least I have tried it. It is just too light, which if this is your thing then it probably will go down well. If I am to get anything positive from this, compared to Eurolagers this is certainly a much better option, but not one that I will be rushing to buy again. On a more positive note, Pivovar Steiger does seem to put some effort into it’s labels.

Website: Pivovar Steiger

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