Staropramen – Granat

Staropramen - Granat

Staropramen - Granat

The big brewer from Prague. I will state here and now that I am not a fan of the brewer nor of any of the brews they produce (yes, I have tried them); however, not everyone in the household shares my militant views on this and a few bottles found their way into the fridge. It was at time of opening the Granat that I was offered and dutifully accepted the chance to try this variety of beer, one that I have not tried before. The style of beer is called Polotmavy Lezak which is a beer brewed to be red (garnet) in colour and is an old style Czech beer; it is not a half and half beer (half light-half dark).

The Beer: 4.8%; It has that deep, Garnet colour, with a somewhat hoppy aroma; Bitter, somewhat acidic taste with hoppy elements somewhere in there, overly gassy (from the bottle); light watery aftertaste with a residual butterness that seems to leave this strange linger acidity on the tongue.

Not my kind of beer; I would prefer it if beers left the tongue in one piece and not go all weird for the rest of the evening. It was too gassy which is probably because of the bottle and the way I poured it; I am sure it would give something extra if this beer was tried from tap. However, this is just not for me.

Website: Staropramen

One thought on “Staropramen – Granat

  1. vase pivo je vyborne!jacek z polsko.I LOVE CZECH REPUBLIC:):):)velice laska do CESKA REPUBLICA:):):)dikuji vam:)

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