Pivovar Nymburk – Bogan

Pivovar Nymburk - Bogan

Pivovar Nymburk - Bogan

I first tried this beer at a tourist place East of Prague; being somewhat unprepared (the joys of parenthood) I didn’t have the means to write notes about the beer at the time (it was on tap) but I do remember the taste and the name. Not really thinking I would get the opportunity of getting anywhere near Nymburk again, or even being able to find in a store, I forgot about it. Then I discovered Pinvi Gallerie in Prague, needless to say that they have it, so what more to do than get a bottle and re-sample it’s delights.

The Beer: 5.5% abv; Hoppy, somewhat malted barley aroma, edging towards nutty; Pale golden in colour with a solid head (even from the bottle, or is it the way I pour); Somewhat creamy, buttery taste (comments please on how they do this), slightly bitter but a good balance, not sure where the nutty malt went, but it is just rich and delicious; that buttery taste lingers in the after taste, with bitter elements.

This has quite a complex make-up; there is the initial regular hoppy, barley aromas that then give way to this mouthful of delicious creamy beer. This is as good from a bottle as it was from the keg and I would have no hesitation in suggesting that you try this, another cracker. This particular bottle was bought from Pivni Gallerie (more on this place later).

Website: Postriziny

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