Belhaven – Scottish Ale

Belhaven - Scottish Ale

Belhaven - Scottish Ale

And now for something completely different, Belhaven Scottish Ale. This is different to me simply on the basis that it is from Scotland, I bought this in the very East of Slovakia, and I can’t remember ever having tried Scottish Ale before. This is both a discovery from the basis of the style and brewer, all this almost on the border of Ukraine.

The Beer Belhaven – Scottish Ale; 3.9% abv

Dark, cloudy, almost molasses in colour (reminds me of a dark, unfiltered wheat beer); hoppy traces in the aroma, but with strong blasts of rich, dark roasted barley; Has a rich roasted flavour, with an almost nutty element, very smooth; Plenty of roasted bitter after taste.

Fabulous. It was worth bring all the way back to Prague. The irony seems to be that this is cheaper to buy in the very East of Slovakia than in the UK – no idea how, it is far more usual to have it the other way round. The website has a shop, I just wonder if they will ship anywhere in the world, their selection of 10 beers in a box looks very tempting.

Website: Belhaven

3 thoughts on “Belhaven – Scottish Ale

  1. Great to see Scottish beers other than McEwans or Tennents getting some attention. The only question I have is if it possible to get this in Eastern Slovakia, then why is nobody stocking it in Prague?

  2. This is a very good question! The supermarket chain in question is Kaufland (a German retailer). Maybe they do stock it in Kauflands in Prague – there is a new one being built close to Palmovka, but I am sure there are others.

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