Primator – Exklusiv 16%

Primator - Exklusiv 16%

Here we go with Primator’s Exklusiv 16% offering. So far I can’t exactly claim to be a fan of Primator although I appreciate what a lot of people see in the brewer I can’t claim to be a fan; at the very least I will concede the point that they have a fabulous range and more Czech brewers should be looking to this as a way of going forward – you can be a smaller brewer and still have a large range of beers on offer.

The Beer: 16% , 7.5% abv; Golden amber is colour with visible gas rising from the depths of the glass; Hoppy, somewhat nutty aroma, combined with an element of rich maltings; this is carried through to the taste that is both rich and full bodied with the strength and nuttiness that then gives way to a slightly bitter but not too tongue arresting – certainly has a very good presence to it; rich roasted aftertaste with residual bitterness.

What is this! finally I have found a Primator I really like! The brewer also does a 13%, 21% and 24% (which I will fully attempt to try out if I can) but this has a really impressive body to it; the richness and additional delicate tastes I was getting somewhat hide the fact that this is a strong beer (in alc terms), but the flavours combine to make it enjoyable. One beer I will be recommending to try if stronger, richer beers are you desire. I must admit I would like to try this on tap – the website does say that kegs are available, this would be one cracking beer to have down the pub.

Website: Primator

2 thoughts on “Primator – Exklusiv 16%

  1. There is one place I know of in Prague that has this beer on tap. U Kláštera, opposite the B?evnov monastery. Well worth a visit as Primátor does not pasteurise their keg beers.

  2. Great choice. And you’re in good company: Sv?t Piva just reported that Beers of the World named Primátor 16 the world’s best lager overall, as well as winning the subcategory of the world’s best strong lager.

    And their Weizenbier got second place in a crowd of legendary German Weizen producers. Primátor dark lager also won world’s best dark lager. Not bad…

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