Primator – Premium

Primator Premium

Primator Premium

A Premium lager style beer, so expectations are already set; not sure whether this is a fair expectation to set prior to sampling a beer for the first time given it’s title, although the whole expectation of the Premium is that this is the best the brewer has to offer for this style. So far I have not found a beer from Primator that I like (I know others rave about it).

The Beer: 5%; golden light in color, solid enough head even from the bottle, plenty of gas rising; A strong, rich aroma, somewhat a blend of malt and hops in equal amounts, but tending towards to distinctly grainy malt aroma; the malty element is carried into the taste, but tends towards to the bitter side which lasts, slightly water; the palate is full-on and solid, but is too gassy for my taste; the bitterness stays in the mouth for quite a while.

It is a good beer, but the one thing that seems to let it down is a slight acidity and too gassy for my tastes. I can see why people like this, it has a good all round taste and if this was on tap then it would be an excellent beer; from the bottle it is probably wasted and not what it should be. Of all the beers from Nachod this has to be one of the better examples, at least so far, there are at least another eight to try. A slight update, at least in the sense that now I have finished it it got better; my guess is that this is one of those beers that you need to drink more of for it to taste better.

Website: Primator

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