Strakonice – Klostermann

Strakonice - Klostermann

Strakonice - Klostermann

Another one of the beers from the beer seminar. This is the Vienna Lager from the fine brewers at Strakonice. As was previously mentioned, this style of beer all but disappeared from the world, at least according to Western beer minds. During the communist era a few examples of this style of beer were still to be found and still in the ‘traditional’ brewing areas that Vienna lager was brewed when it was created. This beer is named after the writer Karel Klostermann, it even has his photo on the label.

The Beer: 5.1%; Fabulously malty aroma, gives off a strong message that it is there; darker, brown-amber; full bodied, nutty, malty; somewhat gassy, but subtly so; slightly sweeter aftertaste, but certainly bitter, exceptionally rich

The only down side to this beer is the fact you don’t get much in the bottle. What you do get is a delicious combination of nutty-slightly caramel malt-bitter taste that really does sit well in the mouth. What is more, this is a new beer for 2008 (it also states it on the label) so get one while their ‘hot’; certainly worth a go because it is a not so available style of beer and this seems to be a good example.

Website: Pivovar Strakonice

One thought on “Strakonice – Klostermann

  1. You have many knowledge about beer.
    In my country there is a little kind of beer. I like beer too and maybe someday I can taste the beer on your blog

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