Opat – Bitter Extra Chmelene


Opat - Bitter Extra Chmelene

Overview: One of the beers from the recent beer seminar and one that I suggested might take me beyond the label. Let us start by saying that this beer is a dry-hopped pale lager. This means that during the brewing process, when the wort has cooled, brewers add fresh hops to the mixture which injects a fresh hops presence into the mixture. Hence the name of the beer is ‘Extra Chmelene” which translated means extra hopped (if my very bad Czech is correct). This beer comes from the good folks at Pivovar Broumov.

The Beer: 11°, 4.0%; Pale, gold in colour with a fair amount of gas rising; wonderfully fresh aroma, ligh hoppy with elements of grass; the head disappeared as quick as it came, but it was still a fluffy white one when it was there; Quite bitter, somewhat harsh but still has elements of freshness in there; medium texture, somewhat medium body, plenty of fizz.

Now the reason why this beer might get me to look beyond the label is that fact that this is a cracking beer – it does exactly what it says on the label, its bitter and has plenty of fresh hoppiness to it – and it also has a dreaded ‘E’ number as part of its ingredients. So, I am willing to concede the fact that an ‘E’ number on the label does not mean the beer is bad, certainly in this case it is excellent. Needless to say that I like it because it combines the incredible bitterness with a grassy freshness.

Website: Pivovar Broumov


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