Svijany – Baron

Svijany - Baron

Svijany - Baron

Based purely on aesthetics I might well have ignored this beer; the combination of bottle and label isn’t exactly eye-catching. It is not until you go past the terrible design that you read “15%” and then Svijany. Now I rather liked Svijany Rytir, in fact I suggested it was rather enjoyable. Being the subscribed cynic I am, surely they can’t brew another good beer.

The Beer: 15%, which equates to 6.5% Alc. vol; tan in colour, edging towards the golden-amber (it was a sunny day); has a strong, hoppy, roasted smell that tells you that something full-bodied is coming your way; the taste does not disappoint, this is indeed a special beer, it’s full-bodiedness envelops the tastes buds and takes them hostage, you know it is there; has the strong bitterness you’d expect to linger but it goes down well.

In other words I liked it; in fact I liked it a lot. Having been writing about my beer explorations for the past year I am certainly finding the tendency is towards the fuller bodied beers, or at least those beers with a definite presence; certainly not the washed-up, watery, chemical experiences that take the marketing spot-light. This is a good beer, not one that I could drink lots of but certainly one that you could sit and ponder with. Bottom line – do not get put off by the label!

Website: Svijany Baron

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