Zlatopraman – 11° Tmave

Zlatopraman - 11° Tmave

Zlatopram 11° Svetly (golden lager) is one of my favourite bottled beers in Czech Republic. To accompany the lighter (in colour) lager there is also a darker – Tmave – sibling; the question is what rivalry will there be.

The Beer: 11°, 4.9% vol.; It has a dark roasted, hoppy scent; dark, malted brown in colour; It has the distinctive sweet, darker roasted floavour to it, some bitterness which is masked by the sweetness; the bitterness and sweet taste does not mask the chemical aftertaste.

Saccharine – the one thing that lets it down. I’d love to know whether or not I would be able to taste a beer with an artificial sweetener without reading the label. I’d also love to know why, when there is a perfectly good ‘natural’ alternative – real sugar – do brewers insist on adding an artificial sweetener, do they want to market it as ‘diet beer’. Chances are that your average drinker will not notice, and I will say again I do wonder if I would notice if this was a blind test without the bottle; I would hope so 🙂

Website: Zlatopramen

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