Regent – Tmave

Regent - Tmavy

I tried this beer some time ago but never got round to writing about it. Its one of those rare types of dark Czech beers in that it does not contain (or at least declare) that it uses artificial sweeteners – it uses real ingredients! This fact alone already is a step in the right direction in that most Tmave style beers I have found in CZ use saccharine to boost the sweetness. Since this style of beer is meant to be one of those typical dark lagers it is good to see an independent brewer sticking to that tradition. So far so good.

The Beer: 4.4%; Dark molasses in colour, its like a thick treacle; Rich sweetness and a dark roasted smell rises out as soon as you pour; It has all that darkness in taste too, you get the roasting in there and the bitterness is tempered by the subtle sweetness; you get a slightly bitter aftertaste but it almost heads in to that chocolate flavour.

I would like to think that the labels don’t lie, this is an excellent example of the dark lagers coming from this region. It does not have that chemical aftertaste that a lot of this type of beer has, and on the basis that I steer well clear of any artificial sweeteners it usually hits my in the taste buds if there are any chemical sweetness. If you are looking for a good example of dark lager from CZ then this is a good place to start.

Website: Pivovar Regent

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