Konrad – 14° Jocker


Konrad - 14° Jocker

As I was leaving the beer festival two bored looking waiters asked me if I wanted to try a ‘special’ beer, it was new that day and was really worth trying. Given the fact that I had one “Toller” remaining it seemed like the right thing to do, for one the Konrad brewery was on my list of beers to try. The beer in question was simply put as a special, 14° beer ( at least according to the sign and the waiter’s rather good English).

The Beer Jocker, 14°, 6% obj

Strong fluffy head that stayed for quite a while, robust almost nutty aroma with some complex essences; darker amber (the photo does it justice), faint wisps of gas rising; A smooth and complex taste, I found it was somewhat buttery as an initial taste with some amounts of bitterness, but the overall taste masks somewhat the strength. Fabulous
If there was just one reason for coming to the beer festival then this was it. I doubt whether I will ever make it across to Liberec anytime soon and it would be a shame to have missed this beer. This is totally enjoyable and unexpected given the fact that there are so many beers to choose from and Jocker was not on the list. So if you make it to Liberec (or the beer festival) then I can absolutely recommend this beer.

Website: Pivovar Konrad


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