Jezek – 14°

Jezek - 14°

One of the main reasons to even think about going the Beer festival was the fact that there are many of the regional brewers coming all the way to Prague to offer up their beers. I was particularly interested in this brewer since I have heard and read many good things about them, plus I like the brewery logo (starting to get fickle). I am putting a certain amount of trust in the waitress that this was the 14° (given the colour of the beer I am inclined to agree) and that the stronger offering was not available – it was not the intention to go with this since I was really after the 18°.

The Beer: 14°, 6.1 obj; fluffy head which didn’t last too long (in fact once I had finish taking the photos it had all by disappeared), clearly hoppy, some fruitiness in there; slightly darker amber, very faint wisps of gas rising; bitter, quite gassy, generous roasting, plenty of hops, full flavour.

To start with this wasn’t such a bad choice considering it wasn’t the first choice. It was maybe a bit on the gassy side, but having said that it certainly had a robust taste that wasn’t overly mugging the mouth or throat. A good beer.

Wesbite: Pivovar Jihlava

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