Janacek – 11° Patriot

For no other reason than the fact that we liked to the look of the logo (how fickle we are), and the beer came with recommendation, we tried out the lighter offering from the Janacek Brewery. The brewery at Uhersky Brod has been brewing since the latter part of the 13th Century and it is my dearest hope that the brewery manages to escape the grabbing clutches of any big brewer and continues with that tradition long for as long to come – I digress. So onto the lager…

The Beer: 11°, 4.6%; light frothy head, distinct but clear hoppy aroma; light amber with many traces of gas rising; lighter in taste, rounded in gas but not too much because it was on tap (I guess); biter aftertaste, but not a long linger mouth wash.

Pleasant enough. Certainly a light lager style. I must be getting used to styles because I was pretty much blind tasting this and got the style right (next is to get the colour right). By the looks of the website there is plenty to choose from, even a cracking looking 14° (which should have been at the festival). A better alternative compared to some of the other offerings from the other beer tents.

Website: Pivovar Janacek

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