Fuerst Wallerstein – Landsknecht Bier

Fuerst Wallerstein - Landsknecht Bier

Fuerst Wallerstein - Landsknecht Bier

It has a brewery, three castles and a forest, plus a medieval battle is held there in September. Another region close to Augsburg that has a lot going for it. If nothing else the brewery offers five beers and a seasonal offering. Today’s choice is the unfiltered, Bavarian dark beer – Munich Dunkel.

The Beer: 12.5% wort, 5.2% vol; dark brown, almost comparable to muddy waters, and certainly a foggy beer; plenty of good odours, roasted malty with some fruity essence; fabulously strong, rich, roasted taste just envelops the mouth, not overly bitter but has a strong roasting flavour.

The website is annoying if you don’t expect the drummer. The beer, on the other hand, is simply fabulous. This is not a usual style of beer, from the perspective of the outside world, it has so much going for it and not just in the fact that it is full of taste: It is rich, smooth and leaves you mouth loving you, wanting more.

Website: Fuerst Wallerstein

**Updated (09 June 2008): Just when I am lauding the beer and brewery it goes missing. Since I wrote this post and visited the website its done a runner, missing, taken offline. If anyone knows the fate of the brewery then please let me know. I was going to write another post singing the praises of their Kellerbier.

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