Hacker-Pschorr – Hefe Weisse

I am sure that I tried this, or others from the same brewery, whilst we lived in Germany; the point is I can’t remember given the choice of beers available and the fact that I wasn’t paying too much attention back then. I certainly remember the Paulaner (there was no escaping it) and the logo of Hacker-Pschorr is familiar, its just that I don’t remember the beer sticking out for a specific reason. In fact it wasn’t until a recent visit to Chicago that I was reminded about this at all. Another of the Munich beers and another of the big export brewers.

The beer: 12.5°, 5.5% vol.; dark, amber cloudy beer that even has a good head of froth on top from the bottle (even more so if you serve it the way the German do by shaking up the last few centimeters during pouring which does help get some of the fizz out of it); you really get the wheatiness about it, almost a golden sweetness about it; quite a light bitterness at first that gives way to an all enveloping classic wheat-beer taste, plenty of fizz at just the right amounts, generous amounts of bitterness whilst you drink the rest, full-bodied; pleasant enough aftertaste to at least leave the mouth feeling refreshed.

Well at least I remember the style. It seems to be bordering on the darker side of wheat beers, certainly in colour, and one of the staples of brewing that you’d expect from Munich. It seems to have essence of clove stuck in there – somehow. But then again I seem to be able to find strange things in beer that are not meant to be there. Someday I will start adding photos of the beer itself instead of just the bottles, but for now if you get the chance I would recommend finding a bottle, pouring it into a glass and seeing for yourself what it looks like. Don’t stare to too long because that would just be a waste.

Website: Hacker-Pschorr

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