Kloster Scheyrn – Kloster Gold

Kloster Scheyrn - Kloster Gold

I nearly missed this beer. I am sure there is an explanation when you are convinced you have tried something and can’t remember drinking it – probably trying too many (but not at the same time). This beer comes the Klosterbrauerei (Abbey brewery) of Scheyern, North of Munich.

The Beer: 12.5°, 5.4%; It smells of apples, almost as if it is stored in cider kegs, you get the hops in there too; clear, golden-amber with traces of bubbles rising; has a fabulously roasted-bitter taste, but not too much, rounded fizz but perhaps a little too much gas, I am still getting a apple essence in there but the bitterness has, it does have an excellent finish to it; pleasant enough after taste slight bitterness but not too over powering.

You would like to think they have spent some time getting this beer right. If this is what they do with the the helles then I would love to try out their other beers (especially the doppelbock). Certainly not tried this beer before or even heard of it whilst I lived in Germany (considering the number of breweries this is unsurprising), but it was certainly worth giving a go. It does have something about it; the initial impression was one of a strong taste and rounded flavour; however, as the rest of the glass emptied it was getting more and more bitter and just a little too on the acidic side. Like the beer glasses they show on the website.

Website: Klosterbrauerei Scheyern

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