Pivovarsky Klub

Bottles and bottlesAnother great adventure, this time with two drinking buddies. I am not sure what made us choose to come here when we did, but the general consensus was that it has taken us too long. We already know the sister pub Pivovarsky Dum and the great beers and food they have to offer, but for some reason had totally missed out on the klub. Whilst it, currently, only produces one of its own beers at the moment, it has to offer six beers on tap and shelves of bottled beer from all over Czech Republic, plus a few offering from elsewhere – it was good to see a few old friends from Belgium and Germany.

The pub itself it divided in two: the upstairs, non-smoking section which has all the bottled beers; the downstairs smokey section. Towards the ceiling there are shelves of empty beer bottles, some seemingly very old Czech beer bottles, and a very impressive collection of beer glasses. It also has to offer, for sale, some beer orientated items such as wooden racks for storing/carrying beer, glasses of varying descriptions, and plenty of take-away vessels (glass and plastic bottles, plus a small barrel holding 5 liters from the taps). To complete the beer theme, the tables rest of Pilsner Urquell beer barrels, and where there is space on the walls even more beer related items.

To say that this is, probably, the place for beer aficionados to come to when in Prague would be missing the point. The euro-lager-heads have their places, the non-fussed have theirs, and for those who really appreciate their beer there is the likes of Pivovarsky Klub (amongst many other micro-breweries in Prague, which does make it seem that in Prague we are very spoilt for choice, and we are). The food is simple and takes up around four pages of the menu. The rest of the 20 or so pages are taken up with the complete beer inventory. We had the marinated Camembert to start with – which was excellent. The beers we tried I have listed below and lead off to their own reviews (when I get round to writing about them, one down three to go).on tap

Anyone who appreciates their beer should try the place out. The taps beers change from time-to-time so there is always something different to try; the smoke free level is appreciated; the sheer beer-ness of the place is overwhelming; and what’s more it is in a central location. It is simply fabulous!

Thanks to Raj for the photos – I need to get a better compact camera for such occasions. Thanks to Adrian for providing some great beer descriptions – the Cheerio without the honey has to be the best.

Website: Pivovarsky Klub


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