Richter Lezak

Richter LezakToday I had lunch at the Richter Brewery. It has been on the list of things to do for some time, not least because I wanted this to be the first try at the Kvasnicovy Lezak style of beer. Yes, I must confess that I have been in Czech Republic for well over two years and can’t recall trying this style of beer. Essentially this style of beer is the same as the Pilsner style, but has younger aged beer added to it after the initial lagering. This continues the process of fermentation and what you have in the glass is a healthy, half liter of living beer. I am reliably informed that Richter produces one of the best examples of such a style and is a good place to start sampling.

The Beer: Richter Lezak, 12.5°, 5% alc vol.; certainly cloudy with a solid foam head, little or no gas rising; rich smell, hoppy, yeasty certainly a good beer smell, nothing light; the taste is interestingly complex, it has a mashy, yeasty taste, somewhat fresh to start out with and then the bitters rampage across the tongue giving a rounded and fabulously pleasant taste; this taste lasts and fills the mouth for some time.

There are two things to note here: the first is that the beer was something else, whilst I can see (i.e. visually) why it is compared with white/wheat beers, this has a far fuller taste and leaves wheat beers far behind. The second is that the brewery is far enough away from where I live to be almost depressing. There are nine beers on offer which means at least another eight more visits, and given this one example I would like to think, or at least hope that the rest of the beers follow a similar quality experience. Additionally the food was good, the pub was full, everyone seemed happy to be there and the service was stunningly good – waitresses happy, pleasant, service was quick; this is not the place to mention services in general in Prague but such service does stand out and is not usual. I cannot recommend this highly enough. The one downside, as I have mentioned, is that it is too far away from home which is down to my misfortune and lack of planning.

Website: Pivovar U Bulovky

2 thoughts on “Richter Lezak

  1. Great place, great beer, tough they have a little problem with consistency, sometimes their ležák is gorgeous, sometimes it’s just average, same with their wheat beers. My favourite is tmavé 14°. That one is always good.
    About the food, strongly recommend their tatarský biftek…. lovely.

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