Paulaner – Original Munchner Hell


Paulaner - Original Munchner Hell

One of the more well known of the Munich breweries, certainly outside of Germany. Partly, but not wholly, owned by Heineken, it does seem to be doing rather well for itself it offers a regular 15 types of beer and a few special series of beers. I remember going to the Paulaner Brauhaus (one of many) in Munich as well as in Singapore – it was like an oasis in a desert of otherwise shoddy beers, I was certainly happy at the fact they exported to Asia, but not happy at the prices.

The Beer: Original Munchner Hell, alc 4.9% vol.; Amber, light-gold, traces of bubbles rising; has a clear, crisp odour to it, you get the hops there from the beginning but not an over powering scent; certainly a full hoppy taste, medium bitter from the start to the end, pleasant without taking over the mouth; bitter after taste followed by some sweetness.

From from “hell”, this is a lager style. The Paulaner website says it has a spicy taste to it, I must have missed that part, but it has a distinctive taste non the less. I know this goes very well with Germanic style foods, but on its own (without food) it isn’t something I would necessarily choose to drink. Having said that I am a fan of this beer, it is good from the bottle and you are getting spoilt if it from the tap. A great beer.
It is worth noting that the website information actually shows the wort value, this is good to see. For this beer it is given as 11.5%.

Website: Paulaner Brauerei (the site is information but the design is overly Flash-y)

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