Freiherr von Zech – Gold-Zwickel

ZechAccording to my research – I knew very little about this style of beer – Gold-Zwickel is a old style beer dating back to the Middle ages that is unfiltered and unpasturised. It is related to the Keller style beer but a little more subtle in bitterness. This beer is from the Privatbrauerei Schimpfle in Bayern, actually in the Augsburg area.

Tasting: 5% vol.; gives off a distinctive odour, almost a heavy set hops smell; cloudy in appearance, the odd trace of gas can be seen rising from the depths of the glass, otherwise it is quite cloudy; taste is somewhat interesting, it goes from an initial lightness, slight bitterness, then almost watery, then as you swallow you get the subtle bitterness. Interesting.

I would have said this is too watery, but after a few mouthfulls you get some interesting tastes coming from it. The bitterness is there but subtle, it has a rounded fizz to it that is gentle, the overall taste is not something that clogs the mouth or hints at it’s alcohol content. There is almost a complex taste sensation there, not something that I have ever had before. In the end I would say it is quite refreshing, more of a summer beer or one that you could have many of without getting too clogged out with bitterness. Interesting.

Website: Zech Stuben

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