Corgon – Svetly Leziak

corgon001Another Slovak offering. Corgon has a specific sector in the market, at least given the advertisments. My guess is that it is in the same market area as Gambrinus, in Czech Republic, on the basis that it is almost identical in branding, advertising styles and they both sponsor the national football leagues. Corgon is part of the Heiniken world, comes from the Nitra area, and has been around since 1890s; however, once Heineken got hold of the brewery they closed it down and moved production to the Zlaty Bazant brewery. One point to note is that Leziak is Slovak, Lezak is Czech, they mean the same – lager style.

The Beer: Corgon, Svetly Leziak, 12%, 4.8%obj.; Strong hops, almost fruity; light gold, amber, strong traces of bubbles; Bitter to taste, plenty of gas, bitter after taste.

It is quite bitter and the bitterness stays with you. It certainly has a presence from the moment you get the glass to when you finish it. Its fine to drink but I couldn’t have this all the time, maybe something every now and then or if there are no other offerings available (i.e. never) – unless you like bitter lagers. Its just a pity that they closed down the old brewery.

Website: Corgon (with age check)

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