Topvar – Premium

topvarpremiumComing from Topolcany (West-central Slovakia, East of Bratislava) it is part of the SABMiller group. To the best of my knowledge, the brewery acts as the distributor of Kozel and Pilsner Urquell in Slovakia. Unfortunately this is not reciprocated in Czech Republic. One of five beers in the Topvar range, this is the Premium offering (maybe someone can comment what makes Premium so, other than being their ‘best’ offering compared to the other brews. The best definition I can find is as follows: “A premium beer is a special kind of beer that offers you an experience well beyond what you expect out of drinking a beer” –FireFly Books).

The Beer: Topvar Premium – Svetly Leziak 12%, 5.0%obj.; Fine hops flavour, you can get the malt and barley there too, clean smell; light gold, amber in colour, slight whisps of fizz rising; solid, full-on taste to it, you get the hops and roastings in there, rounded fizz, heavier on the bitter side but not too much so; distinct bitter after taste.

Reminds me of Saris Premium or even Gambrinus Premium, which is not as odd as it sounds since they all belong to the same brewery group, but then this is only going to be coincidence (probably). It is still a great beer and lives up to it’s Premium title. It has a great taste and does not disappoint. It is one of those beers that, if I could get it all the time, would be sitting in the fridge. So when in Slovakia try this out.

(It would be interesting to find a Premium beer that does disappoint)

Website: Topvar (in Slovak, with age check)

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