Chodovar – Zamecky lezak special

chodovar_specialThis is the third of the Chodovar beers I have tried, there appear to be at least another four to try out. The is the 13% special (translated this means 5.1% obj.). This is a lager style, and someday I hope to tell the difference without reading the label.

Tasting: 5.1% obj; has a fabulous aroma to it, I am getting apricots somehow, and a definite roasted scent, the smell is quite fabulous; golden brown in colour, once it settles there is hardly any hint if bubbles rising; first taste is rather a full on blow, I get the apricots again, that roasted flavour comes at you and then the bitterness kicks in, not over powering but you can certainly tell it has a great flavour, quite a presence; after taste isn’t too bad, you still get the bitterness but not too much.

By the merits of the fact that I have written, probably, the most for any tasting I have done, this beer is great. It has something about it which makes it stand out from the other Chodovar beers. Up to this point I have been slightly disappointed with what has been on offer – yes I still have another four beers to try out – but this is just a cracking beer. It has taste, it has presence and for some reason has apricots. It gets a gold.

Website: Chodovar (in English)

One thought on “Chodovar – Zamecky lezak special

  1. Speciál has nothing to do with the quality of the beer, but comes from Czech beer legislation.
    Czechs divide their beer in the following categories.
    lehké (under 8°balling)
    vý?epní (8°-11°balling)
    ležák (11°-13°)
    speciál (over 13°)
    Before, it used to be only the balling graduation, but then the big brewers started making desítka that had only 9.5° and the law had to be changed. Now brewers that put the graduation on the bottle must make their beer using that density and no less.
    I’ve tried all the Chodovar line and, bottled, this is the one i liked the most. On tap, though, I still prefer skalní ležák, specially when drunk at the brewery’s restaurant.

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