Zlatopramen – 11°


Zlatopramen - 11°

Zlatopramen - 11°

I have been told about Zlatopramen for some time (in the sense of giving it a go) so whilst I was out shopping today I bought a bottle. For some time I was under the impression that this had something to do with Staropramen – until I was educated otherwise. Zlatopramen certainly has a presence outside of the Usti nad Labem region, many places in Prague sell this on tap which I am reliably told is a whole lot better than the bottled version. For the purposes of this review it will be the bottled version and will probably be followed up to an establishment that serves the tapped version.

The Beer: 4.9% abv.; hoppy taste, didn’t give off too much in the glass then again I am terrible when it comes to pouring it out; golden brown in colour; fabulously bitter taste; malt and hops in there which doesn’t get drowned out by the bitter taste, plenty of fizz but pleasantly so.

Fabulous. I see what all the fuss is about. This is a strong, bitter tasting beer but not overly bitter. Not sure what I would eat it with – although it went with the blue cheese I was having for dinner – but on its own it is an excellent beer.

Website: Drinks Union

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