Bohemia Regent – Svetly Lezak

Bohemia Regent - Svetly Lezak

We drove all the way to Trebon in the South of Czech Republic to get this beer and see the brewery. Before I even start saying anything about this specific beer I can recommend a trip/detour to Trebon to see the town, the brewery and sit in their beer garden. The brewery sales provide a good selection of beers (also in barrels) and seem to be slightly cheaper.

The Beer: 5.0% obj; Light, golden brown in colour, clear with the odd buddle rising up; fabulous hoppy, golden malt smell; Similar taste to smell, malty, hoppy, pleasant fizz and pleasant bitter aftertaste.

This is where I differ from a lot of other reviews of this beer. This is my in my line of beer, it has a bitter finish to it, it isn’t heavy and it smells good as you drink up. Its the kind of beer that it going to go well with outdoor food. I have only seen the Svently (lighter in colour) beer and Tmavy (dark beer) outside of the region so unless you go to Trebon and sit in the beer garden you might miss it and miss out. Certainly worth trying out.

Update: In fact, it does look like you can get it in the UK at least. It is great to see such beers making their way outside of CZ since it spreads the word about Czech beer.

Webiste: Bohemia Regent

2 thoughts on “Bohemia Regent – Svetly Lezak

  1. I dolike this beer a lot, too. In fact, the whole line of Regent is consistently good, specially the dark, that one is simply lovely.
    I was last month at a tasting of Regent, and was very impressed by them. Their new 16° polotm. kvasnicové was really nice.

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