Purple Moose – Dark side of the Moose

Purple Moose - Dark side of the Moose

You just know that someone involved in the brewery knows something about Pink Floyd, at least more than I do. You also know that The Purple Moose brewery in Porthmadog, North Wales, know even more about brewing beer than I do. They have so much to offer, so many types to try out and with rotating seasonal beers they will always have something newer to tempt you with. Today’s offering is The Dark side of the Moose

The Beer: 4.6%; Dark brown, they call it ‘deep ruby’; dark roasted hop smell, somewhat sweet aromas come from it; deep, rich bitter taste, rich after taste; light fizz, deliciously rich body; not too bitter in aftertaste but you know that you’ve been drinking it.

I like this one, almost reminds me of the darker Czech beers with without the sweet elements to it; It has something about it (local Welsh water that is exceptionally soft) that makes it a pleasant drink, even considering it comes from a bottled. Judging by the awards it received in 2007 the greatness of this beer is recognised by those who spend more of the lives trying out beer. I wonder how this beer would fare if it went to international competitions. There are a number of places that sell Purple Moose on tap, if you find one of them then be sure to try the beer out; North Wales isn’t known for its amazing selection of beers, but this is one of those breweries that is setting out to change that.

Website: PM – DSM

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